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Greetings from the Office of Global Affairs

The Global Affairs office aims to develop our research programs and partnerships in international services and broaden our network in the field of healthcare. We recognize the need for collaborative initiatives and strategies and our staff and programs foster a comprehensive approach to integrative medicine through our Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS), workshops, training opportunities for students and doctors, and other annual professional events while inspiring a vibrant environment through partners in the United States, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates. We are a resource that supports cross-cultural training and oversees and operates various activities for healthcare practitioners interested in integrative medicine.

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The Global Affairs office works in collaboration with the different divisions at Jaseng to introduce Korean Medicine to outside international organizations. We offer our Distinguished Lecture Series, Professional Workshops, and Student Internships.


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All talks are tentatively held on the last Sunday of each month from 9 AM to 1 PM.

The Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) at the Jaseng Foundation brings world-class experts in the field of integrative medicine from all industries across the world to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge to our hospital. Through professional workshops and talks, the DLS concentrates on a wide variety of accomplished speakers who also have a common interest in integrative medicine for our audience of physicians in Jaseng Center, Gangnam. Lecturers present for approximately one-hour on a topic of their choice that aligns with integrative medicine. We welcome those with research and clinical expertise on complementary and alternative medicine, musculoskeletal pain, spinal disorders and diseases, and neuroscience, as well as, other related topics. We look forward to your sharing your knowledge with our organization!

Workshops for Physicians

Workshops are led by the directors of the hospital and are practical opportunities for lecturers to engage with the physicians at the Jaseng Foundation.

Distinguished Lecture Series Speakers:


  • Nov. 24th: Major Christine Marie Olanrewaju, D.O.
    Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    121st Combat Support Hospital, Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital
  • Topic: Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies
    Pearls, Pitfalls, and When to Order One


  • May: Young Oh, PhD Program Director
    NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Vascular Biology and Hypertension Branch
  • June: Rae Silver, PhD, Professor, The Silver Neurobiology Laboratory
    Dept. of Psychology, Columbia University
  • Sept: Alka Gupta, MD Cofounder
    Weill Cornell Medicine Integrative Health Program

Watch footage of prior speakers


We currently offer two educational opportunities for those interested in the field of integrative medicine

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities For Premed Students

The Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine’s internship program is currently searching for American premedical undergraduate students who are interested in integrative medicine and business operations as an Intern with the global affairs office. We’ve developed an opportunity that offers insight into healthcare, business development, and international affairs to promote the knowledge of Jaseng’s innovative integrative medicine through leading health institutions around the world.

Link to Internship and Volunteer page

Distinguished Lecture - Jaseng Medical Foundation

Training Program for Medical Professionals
  • Length of the program: 1 week(6 days)
  • Availability: Subject to change. Please contact us for further details.
  • Contents: Refer to the description below
  • Fee: 1000 US dollars
  • Included in the training program are:
    - Training on Jaseng’s non-invasive treatment methods
    - Handouts, interpretation during training hours, lunch (served at the cafeteria), airport pick-up /drop-off
    - Air fare and other accommodations are NOT included.
  • For inquiries, please contact Jaseng International Clinic (E-mail: jasengliaison@gmail.com)
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Prioritized patient referral
  • Priority pass to any future Jaseng lectures held at the country of the participant’s residence
Contents of the training program


Michigan State’s College of Osteopathic Medicine Visit to Jaseng

Advisory Board

Advisory Board - Jaseng Medical Foundation We’re excited to partner along with other doctors, researchers, advocates, practitioners, and healthcare professionals who share an interest in integrative medicine. We foresee an increase in safe and effective practices—starting with the help of our Advisory Board.
Together it focuses on reviewing our newest content regarding research, workshops, and reference checks on other institutions who want to build partnerships with us.

We are currently recruiting members for our Advisory Board this year so if you are interested in joining, please email jasengliaison@gmail.com for more information.

  • Alka Gupta MD Cofounder, Weill Cornell Department of Integrative Medicine
  • William Cunningham DO MHA Director of Institute of International Health, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Rae Silver PhD Professor at Columbia University Psychology Department
  • Sang Kook Lee PhD Professor at Seoul National University Pharmacy Department


Present and Future of Non-Surgical Treatment for Spine and Joint

  • Spine and joint disorders including lower back pain takes a large burden of expenses for both individuals and social economy.
  • Surgery used to be prevalent in the past but various non-surgical treatment including Korean medical treatment has been actively practiced recently.
  • Via an international symposium, discussions on the present and future of clinical and research status of non-surgical spinal and joint treatment in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is necessary.

Date: 2018.03.04. Sunday

Attendees: Medical staff and expert researchers in spine, joint, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Global Affairs News

    Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine visit on Gangnam Jaseng Hospital
  • Feb 21st - Dr. Cunningham, Director of Institute of International Health, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine visit on Gangnam Jaseng Hospital
  • May 3rd - Jaseng Medical Foundation and the American Osteopathic Association will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to foster a partnership between the two institutions
  • April 3rd - Dr. Cipolla, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine visit on Gangnam Jaseng Hospital
  • Dr. Rae Silver, a Columbia University faculty member visit on Gangnam Jaseng Hospital
  • June 26th - Dr. Rae Silver, a Columbia University faculty member, visits Gangnam Jaseng Hospital to consult with Jaseng regarding their plans for writing a review article and discuss the possibility of a Jaseng Hospital and Columbia University collaboration
  • June 30th - Medical and Undergraduate students from Michigan State University visit Gangnam Jaseng Hospital to observe Korean medical treatments for spinal disorders, including MSAT and Shinbaro Pharmacopuncture

Contact Us

Global Affairs Office
5 Eonju-ro 170-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (underground first floor)
T 82 2 3218 2459
F 82 2 514 9322